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Your IT Infrastructure is the heart of every technical operation in your company. Let us keep it secure and optimized while you focus on running your business.

$5,600 Per Minute

That’s the average cost of IT downtime. Make sure your IT network is optimized and protected.

Why Your Company Needs AT1 Managed IT Services

Why Your Company Needs AT1 Managed IT Services

According to Uptime Institute, 1 in 5 companies experienced a serious IT infrastructure failure over the past 3 years. These incidents have major consequences ranging from permanent reputation damage and customer attrition to compliance breaches and financial losses equaling hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Human error remains one of the most significant factors in IT system downtime accounting for 40% of incidences. Employees who fail to follow required protocols, as well as poorly structured networks and tech stacks, lead to numerous IT catastrophes that could have been avoided with the right expertise in place.

AT1's mission is to give business owners like you peace of mind when it comes to IT infrastructure management and to do it at a cost that meets your budget while giving you the highest quality outcome. Schedule a call with a member of our team to learn more.

Rock-Solid Cyber Security and IT Expertise

When you hire AT1 as your IT management and cyber security specialist, you gain instant access to over 30 years of combined information technology and cloud computing experience. We've spent our careers developing the best IT strategies to help businesses of all sizes meet compliance standards, achieve greater efficiency, and capture higher ROI.

Agile IT Solutions

Our cloud-based services can be modified to fit the size of your business, no matter how big or small.

Intelligent Automation

We use intelligent automation that heals, scales, and protects your IT infrastructure from failure or compromise.

World-Class Security

We use industry best practices in cyber security and disaster recovery to keep customers' networks secure.

Regulatory Compliance

AT1 solutions help companies easily comply with the most rigorous regulatory compliance standards.

Mediocre IT Management Is Not An Option

Why Your Company Needs AT1 Managed IT Services

Being lax about IT infrastructure and cyber security is no small matter. State and federal governments are quickly recognizing the systemic risk posed by companies not doing what they should to keep sensitive data safe. Poor IT and security management threaten privacy and safety and present a potential national security threat. 

In response, governments are passing strict data protection and cyber security compliance laws. If a business fails to effectively meet these mandates, it risks being hit with expensive fines. Additionally, it could experience millions of dollars in lost revenue if it suffers a security breach. 

Our advanced AI tools allow our clients to stay compliant in real-time, no matter how many different locations they conduct business in. Connect with a member of our team to learn more.

We Can Work With Your Existing IT Infrastructure

We Can Work With Your Existing IT Infrastructure.

Already have an in-house IT department? No problem. AT1 can integrate with your existing processes and technology to make optimizations and fill gaps. Whether addressing higher-level tasks that your current IT team isn't equipped to handle or simply providing advanced training and support to back them up, we can be a welcome addition to your existing IT and cyber security operations.

Need a 100% Outsourced Managed IT Solution?

Need a 100% Outsourced Managed IT Solution?

Implementing a secure, effective in-house IT infrastructure can be daunting. You will need to hire a team of specialists, and depending on the expertise required, salaries for these positions can range from $60,000 to $150,000 per expert. Sourcing the right hardware and software is an additional cost and an area where companies waste a reported 1/3 of their IT budget. AT1 excels at using our decades of experience to develop custom solutions that fit each company's unique needs.

Your Next Step…

With decades of expertise assisting businesses in a range of industries under our belt, we're confident that AT1 can help your company reach IT infrastructure excellence. Our solutions follow industry best practices while keeping an eye on specific security and information technology standards. With every client we work to:

  • Reduce IT infrastructure costs
  • Increase the efficiency of your systems
  • Provide robust security as the foundation of your network
  • Ensure your sensitive data is protected and accessible following secure protocols

We'd love to conduct a custom analysis of your needs and develop a plan that best suits your company's goals.